945 Series - Fryer Glove® High Temp Neoprene Removable Liner - Up to 450° F

If your application requires higher temperature protection and your wanting an easy replaceable liner, reach for this fully liquid proof glove for your hands and forearms.This glove is designed for radiant heat protection to clean hot oil fryer equipment after it is cooled and drained of hot cooking oil, and a wide variety of other kitchen work applications. The replaceable fabric liner is pre-washed and attaches with Velcro at the red hem edge, and inside on the back of the fingers. It allows the long lasting neoprene outer shell to be used to its full life and helps maintain glove hygiene. For radiant heat up to 450° F, our unique etched finish, offers a non-slip grip in wet and oily applications. A reinforced hang loop at the red hem edge of the glove allows for easy storage when not in use, and for drying after cleaning. Available in 4 sizes.

• 100% Neoprene
Fully Liquid Proof Glove
• Withstands Radiant Temperatures up to 450° F
• Length: 18"
• Color: Black
Replaceable Fabric Liner maintains Glove Hygiene (Purchased Separately by the Dozen Only)
Etched Finish for Sure-Grip Handling
Complies with 21 CFR parts (170-199) for Food Handling
• Available in Size: S, M, L, XL

• 1 per Polybag
• 12 Pairs per Inner Case

• Food Processing, Food Preparation, Food Handling, Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

*The integrtated Sanitized antimicrobial treatment upgrades the value of gloves by bringing freshness, comfort and protection. This treatment function brings reliably and permanently equips the material against the bacterial and fungal growth.

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